Notice of Financial Incentive

As further described below, we offer gift card rewards to users of the BrandBee application (“Users” and “Application,” respectively) in exchange for the points that such users earn due to each user’s participation in our metered panel (“Points” and “BrandBee Points System,” respectively), which may be considered a “financial incentive” program under the CCPA.

Information We Collect in Exchange for PointsUsing the Application allows users to accumulate Points that can be exchanged for gift cards from brands such as Amazon, Google Play, Starbucks, and Target. We collect the following categories of personal information from users who download the Application and thereby opt-in to take part in the BrandBee Points System: 

What Points Are Worth

For Users, the value of the Personal Data you provide is reasonably related to the value of the financial incentives provided to you. The following are the dollar equivalent for the Points that you will earn as part of the BrandBee Points System: 

150 points = $1
250 points = $2
325 points = $3
400 points = $4
500 points = $5
1000 points = $10
2500 points = $25
5000 points = $50

We have valued the Personal Data we obtain through the BrandBee Points System based on a reasonable and good faith calculation determined by considering expenses related to the offer, provision, or imposition of any financial incentive or price or service difference as permitted under Title 11 of the California Code of Regulations, Section 999.337(a)(6).

The value of Personal Data may vary slightly for each member depending on several factors, including but not limited to which Surveys you choose to fill out and which and how many Surveys you match with, the administrative and technical costs associated with maintaining the BrandBee Points System (e.g., IT infrastructure, customer service, marketing strategy & planning), and the extent to which you take advantage of Points rewards. 

Joining and Withdrawing from the Meter Points System To opt-in to this financial incentive, you must enroll in the BrandBee Points System by downloading our Application and following the prompts in the Application, including enabling the accessibility permission.

You have the right to withdraw from the BrandBee Points System at any time. To withdraw from the program, you must remove the Application from your device.

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