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Here’s a crazy deal that you shouldn’t miss: answer and engage through BrandBee’s paid surveys and you can earn a Brookstone gift card! Brookstone is known for its unique array of innovative gadgets, electronics, and lifestyle products designed to enhance everyday life. As you complete surveys on BrandBee, you’re also earning points. You can exchange them for a free Brookstone gift card as you reach the required minimum. Use this to explore a variety of high-tech items, from smart home devices and personal care accessories to travel gadgets and office essentials. Whether you’re looking for the latest in technology or searching for the perfect gift, Brookstone offers clever and inventive solutions. Download the BrandBee app today and start earning your way to a world of discovery!

In addition, you can choose your gift card redemption value from the options of $5, $10, $25, and $50.

Innovate your home with BrandBee, offering gift cards not just for Brookstone but also for Spa & Wellness by Spa Week, Sephora, Ulta Beauty, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Where can I find my Brookstone Gift Card?

Join the BrandBee survey community and earn points that pave the way to free gift cards, including the chance to win a Brookstone gift card. Every survey you complete on the BrandBee app adds to your points tally. When you're ready to redeem, simply visit the gift card section and select Brookstone from the menu. Keep participating in surveys to collect more points and get rewarded with valuable perks like a free Brookstone Gift Card!

About Brookstone

Brookstone is an American retailer that specializes in unique gadgetry and lifestyle products that aim to enhance everyday experiences. Founded in 1965 as a mail-order business for hard-to-find tools in Peterborough, New Hampshire, Brookstone quickly evolved into a distinctive retail chain known for its eclectic mix of products. These range from personal massagers and sleep aids to high-tech gadgets like drones and smart home devices.

Brookstone stores were traditionally located in high-traffic shopping malls and airports, offering customers hands-on experience with products before purchase—a key aspect of their retail strategy. It has since pivoted to an online-only model while maintaining pop-up shops in various locations.


How do I use my Brookstone gift card?

You'll receive your virtual Brookstone gift card via email, which includes a unique code. To use your gift card, enter the code at checkout when shopping online at the Brookstone website. Select "Gift Card" as your payment method and enter the code to apply the funds to your purchase. If you're shopping in a Brookstone store, present the code at checkout.

How do I check my gift card balance?

You can check the balance of your Brookstone gift card by contacting Brookstone's customer service 888-454-9752 for balance inquiries.

What can I buy with my Brookstone gift card?

Your Brookstone gift card can be used to purchase any merchandise sold at Brookstone, including gadgets, massage chairs, travel accessories, and home products.

Where do I find my Brookstone gift card code?

Your Brookstone gift card code will be sent to you via email immediately after redemption. Check your email inbox for a message that contains the gift card code along with instructions on how to redeem it online or at any Brookstone retail location.

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