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Secure a free Nexon Game Card (previously known as Karma Koin) by completing surveys for money on BrandBee. Nexon is a leader in online gaming, offering a variety of games that span genres from MMORPGs to action-packed shooters. By actively participating in surveys on the BrandBee app and sharing your insights, you can earn points. These points can be converted to earn a Nexon gift card, allowing you to purchase in-game content such as cosmetics, upgrades, and more. Enhance your gaming experience in popular Nexon titles like MapleStory or Dungeon Fighter Online. Download the BrandBee app now and start leveling up your gameplay with extra rewards!

You can decide on the amount to redeem from your Nexon Game gift card. The options available are $5, $10, $25, and $50.

Embark on virtual quests beyond Nexon Game Card with BrandBee's gift cards, featuring Gamestop, Xbox, Google Play, and Nintendo eShop for limitless gaming excitement!

Where can I find my Nexon Game Card?

Participate in online surveys through the BrandBee app to get points that you can redeem for free gift cards. If you want to convert your points into a gift card, head to the gift card section and select Nexon Game Card. Completing more surveys increases your points, allowing you to earn rewards and win a free Nexon gift card!

About Nexon Game Card

Nexon Game Card, formerly known as Karma Koin, is a popular prepaid card used to make online purchases within various video games and digital entertainment services. It was initially launched by Nexon America with the idea of providing a convenient and secure method for users to manage their microtransactions within games. The cards were rebranded from Karma Koin to Nexon Game Card to align more closely with the Nexon brand, which is known for its extensive range of online games.

Nexon Game Cards are available in multiple denominations and can be used as a payment method for several online games and digital content services, particularly those managed by Nexon. These cards provide a safe alternative to using credit cards or bank accounts online, especially appealing to younger users who may not have access to traditional banking products.


How do I use my Nexon Game Card?

Once you receive your virtual Nexon Game Card via email, which will include a unique code, sign in to your account on the Nexon website. Go to the "Billing" section and select "Charge NX". Choose "Nexon Game Card" as your payment method, input your card code, and apply it to credit your account with NX, Nexon’s virtual currency.

How do I check my game card balance?

To find out the balance of your Nexon Game Card, visit the Nexon website and click on "Check Balance". You can find the page here. When entering your PIN, ensure that there are no spaces or the letters "i" or "o". If you need assistance, you can also reach out to their customer support at

What can I buy with my Nexon Game Card?

You can use your Nexon Game Card to add NX to your Nexon account. NX is Nexon's virtual currency that you can spend on in-game items, accessories, and upgrades across various Nexon games.

Where do I find my Nexon Game Card code?

The code for your Nexon Game Card is provided in the email you receive once your virtual game card is issued.

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