Free Uber Eats Gift Card

Get a Free Uber Eats Gift Card

Earn a Free Uber Eats Gift Card

Did you know that you can earn an Uber Eats gift card for free simply by answering paid surveys and giving your opinions? Uber Eats is an online food delivery service that provides its users with a platform where they can order meals or snacks from local restaurants. Just by using the BrandBee app and completing different kinds of surveys, you’ll be eligible to get points and convert them into gift cards, which you can then use as payments for your orders on this food delivery app. Install the BrandBee app and get an Uber Eats gift card today.

You’ll be able to decide on the amount that you want to redeem from your gift card. The available denominations are $5, $10, $25, and $50.

BrandBee offers gift cards not just for Uber Eats subscribers but for other brands as well, like Grubhub, Visa, Caribou Coffee, Peet's Coffee & Tea, and many more!

Where can I find my Uber Eats Gift Card?

By completing surveys, you earn points and these can be converted into free gift cards, which can then be accessed on the BrandBee app. Should you decide to redeem your points in exchange for a gift card, go to the gift card section and look for Uber Eats. Make sure that you answer and complete as many surveys as possible to accumulate points and earn rewards so you can use them for a free Uber Eats gift card!

About Uber Eats

Uber Eats is an online food delivery service that provides its subscribers with a convenient way to order meals or snacks from food outlets and local restaurants. Their service is accessible via their website or mobile app, and the platform is operated by Uber, a popular ride-sharing company. Serving over 500 cities worldwide, Uber Eats allows its users to access a variety of menus, choose their desired dishes, and place an order for delivery. After an order has been processed, customers can track the status of their delivery in real-time as it travels from the restaurant to their location. The platform manages the transactions and coordinates with riders to pick up the orders and have them delivered.


How do I use my Uber Eats gift card?

You'll receive your virtual Uber Eats gift card with a code. To redeem your gift card, you need to download and install the Uber Eats app on your phone, and have an account. Then, access the menu and click on “Wallet”. Below the Cash Card, select “+ Add Funds” and then tap on “Gift Card”. Key in the gift card code and finally, click “Add”.

How do I check my gift card balance?

You can check your gift card balance via the Uber Eats website. Alternatively, you can also use the Uber Eats app for iOS or Android.

What can I buy with my Uber Eats gift card?

You can use the funds that you will get from using this gift card as payment for food delivery orders on Uber Eats. You can use this to pay for a snack or a meal ordered via the app.

Where do I find my Uber Eats gift card code?

The code is included in the email that will be sent to you together with your gift card.

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