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Win a Free Crutchfield Gift Card

Here’s a good deal: you can earn a Crutchfield gift card by completing paid surveys and sharing your own insights on BrandBee. Crutchfield is renowned for its wide selection of high-quality audio, video, and electronic gear, designed to enhance any home entertainment system or car audio setup. By engaging in surveys through the BrandBee app, you can accumulate points and when you reach the required minimum, you’ll be able to exchange them for free Crutchfield gift cards. Use your gift card to shop for the latest in audio and video technology, from cutting-edge speakers and headphones to advanced car stereos and cameras. Whether you're an audiophile, a tech enthusiast, or someone looking to upgrade your gear, Crutchfield provides expertly curated products and advice. Get the BrandBee app now and start earning your way to better sound and vision!

You can pick a Crutchfield gift card amount to redeem from options of $5, $10, $25, or $50.

Upgrade your gadgets with BrandBee, offering gift cards not just for Crutchfield but also Jiffy Lube, Home Depot, Groupon, and Walmart.

Where can I find my Crutchfield Gift Card?

To unlock free gift cards, participate in surveys through the BrandBee app and accumulate points. As you gather these points, navigate to the gift card section and swap your points for various rewards. Choose Crutchfield from the available options. Complete as many surveys as you can to maximize your points and get rewarded. This way, you'll quickly win a Crutchfield Gift Card and enjoy great electronics!

About Crutchfield

Crutchfield is an American retailer specializing in a wide range of electronics, including car audio and video equipment, home audio, televisions, and personal electronics. Founded in 1974 by Bill Crutchfield in Charlottesville, Virginia, the company started as a mail-order business and has grown into a trusted name in consumer electronics through its dedication to service, expertise, and innovation. Crutchfield offers detailed product descriptions, guides, and comparisons that help customers make informed decisions. Their website features a vast library of articles, videos, and tools designed to simplify the complexities of modern electronics.


How do I use my Crutchfield gift card?

You'll receive your virtual Crutchfield gift card via email, which includes a unique code. To use your gift card, enter the code at checkout when shopping online on the Crutchfield website. Select "Gift Card" as your payment method and enter the code to apply the funds to your purchase.

How do I check my gift card balance?

You can check the balance of your Crutchfield gift card by visiting the Crutchfield website and navigating to this page. Enter your gift card number and PIN to view your current balance. Alternatively, you can contact Crutchfield's customer service at 1-800-201-6057 for balance inquiries, or ask an employee at a store location.

What can I buy with my Crutchfield gift card?

Your Crutchfield gift card can be used to purchase any merchandise sold at Crutchfield, including electronics like car audio and video equipment, home theater systems, speakers, cameras, and more. The gift card is accepted for all purchases made on Crutchfield's website.

Where do I find my Crutchfield gift card code?

Your Crutchfield gift card code will be sent to you via email immediately after purchase. Check your email inbox for a message that contains the gift card code along with instructions on how to redeem it online at Crutchfield.

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