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Win a Free Jiffy Lube Gift Card

Guess what? You can win a Jiffy Lube gift card when you use BrandBee to answer and complete paid surveys on the app. Jiffy Lube specializes in vehicle maintenance services, including oil changes, tire rotations, and more, helping keep your car running smoothly. Engage with BrandBee’s interactive surveys to share your thoughts and earn points along the way. These points can be collected and redeemed to earn a Jiffy Lube gift card, allowing you to maintain your vehicle without dipping into your wallet. Whether it's routine upkeep or preparing for a long road trip, Jiffy Lube offers professional and efficient service. Download the BrandBee app now and begin accumulating rewards towards your next vehicle maintenance visit!

You can decide on the gift card amount you’d like to use. You can select from $5, $10, $25, and $50.

Keep your car running smoothly with BrandBee, offering gift cards not just for Jiffy Lube but also for other brands like Crutchfield, Home Depot, Groupon, and Walmart. Whether it's maintenance or upgrades, BrandBee has you covered with a variety of options beyond Jiffy Lube.

Where can I find my Jiffy Lube Gift Card?

You'll get free gift cards by participating in surveys through the BrandBee app. As you fill out surveys, you'll accumulate points that can be exchanged for exciting rewards. Collect these points and head over to the gift card section to select Jiffy Lube from the various options. The more surveys you complete, the more points you gather, allowing you to redeem them for a free Jiffy Lube gift card faster!

About Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube is an American brand of automotive service centers specializing in oil changes and other preventive maintenance services. Founded in 1979 in Utah, Jiffy Lube pioneered the fast oil change industry by providing quick, convenient, and hassle-free service. The company quickly expanded and now operates a franchise network of over 2,000 service centers across North America.

Jiffy Lube offers a wide range of automotive services beyond oil changes, including tire rotation, engine diagnostics, and air conditioning repair, among others. Jiffy Lube service centers are known for their "Jiffy Lube Signature Service" oil change, which includes a series of inspections and fluid top-offs to help extend the life of the vehicle.


Where can I use my Jiffy Lube gift card?

You can use your Jiffy Lube gift card for purchases of products or services at any Jiffy Lube location that accepts them.

How can I check the balance of my gift card?

To find out the balance on your Jiffy Lube gift card, please visit the Jiffy Lube website's Gift Cards page and look for "Check Your Gift Card Balance". Enter your card number there. You can also check your balance by calling 800-544-7537 or by stopping by any Jiffy Lube store for assistance.

What can I buy with my Jiffy Lube gift card?

You can use your Jiffy Lube gift card for a variety of services at any Jiffy Lube service center. This includes oil changes, tire services, fluid exchanges, and a range of other car maintenance and repair services.

Do Jiffy Lube gift cards ever expire?

Jiffy Lube gift cards do not expire and are free from additional fees.

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