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Get paid for surveys on BrandBee and treat yourself to a delicious meal with a free IHOP gift card. IHOP is celebrated for its wide range of breakfast offerings, including its famous pancakes, as well as lunch and dinner options. Engage with the surveys available on BrandBee, collect points, and exchange them to get a free IHOP gift card. Whether you're craving a stack of pancakes or something heartier, use your gift card to enjoy any meal at IHOP. Download and install the BrandBee app on your phone and start converting your opinions into delightful dining experiences at IHOP!

You can tailor your gift card redemption according to your preference. You can redeem amounts of $5, $10, $25, or $50.

What’s even cooler is that BrandBee makes it easy to get gift cards not just for IHOP but also for The Cheesecake Factory, Red Robin, Krispy Kreme, and Uber Eats.

Where can I find my IHOP Gift Card?

By participating in surveys, you collect points that can be redeemed to earn gift cards via the BrandBee app. To convert your points into a gift card, access the gift card section and choose IHOP. Be sure to answer and complete as many surveys as you can to increase your accumulated points for free rewards, and earn a free IHOP gift card!

About IHOP

IHOP, short for International House of Pancakes, is an American diner-style restaurant chain known for its breakfast foods, especially pancakes. Founded in 1958 in Toluca Lake, California, IHOP has grown into a global brand with over 1,750 locations across more than 10 countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Middle East. The restaurant's menu goes beyond pancakes, offering a wide variety of breakfast items such as omelets, French toast, and waffles, as well as a lunch and dinner menu featuring burgers, sandwiches, and salads. IHOP has mastered the art of attracting diners with its value meals like the famous "Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity Pancakes," and promotional events such as "National Pancake Day," which offers free pancakes to guests and encourages donations to children's charities.


How do I use my IHOP gift card?

You will receive your virtual IHOP gift card via email, which comes with a unique code. To use the gift card, present the code at any IHOP restaurant when settling your bill or input the code on the IHOP website or app when placing an order online. Choose "Gift Card" as your payment method and enter the code to apply the funds to your order.

How do I check my gift card balance?

To check the balance of your IHOP gift card, go to the IHOP website and navigate to the gift cards section, then click on "Check Balance". You can also visit the Balance Inquiry page directly by clicking here. Type your gift card number and PIN to see your current balance. Additionally, your balance can be checked at any IHOP restaurant by asking a server or cashier for help, or by calling customer service at 855-316-7063.

What can I buy with my IHOP gift card?

Your IHOP gift card can be used to pay for any menu items at IHOP restaurants, including pancakes, waffles, eggs, steaks, and beverages. The gift card is accepted at all IHOP locations across the United States.

Where do I find my IHOP gift card code?

The code will be included in the email you receive after redeeming the gift card. Check your email for a message that includes the gift card and code, together with the instructions on how to use it, whether you're dining in or placing an order online.

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