Free Spotify Gift Card

Get a Free Spotify Gift Card

Earn a Free Spotify Gift Card Code

You can earn a free Spotify gift card just by completing paid surveys and sharing your opinion! Spotify is a Swedish-based music streaming platform that gives access to songs, podcasts, and videos. Through the BrandBee app, you’re able to fill out various types of surveys and in return receive a gift card to Spotify. Download the BrandBee app and get a free Spotify gift card today.

With Spotify, you are able to redeem $10 gift cards.

BrandBee offers a wide variety of brands in addition to Spotify: companies like Apple, GameStop, Hulu, and Barnes and Noble are all offered by BrandBee

Where can I find my Spotify Gift Card?

On the BrandBee app, the points you earn from completing surveys convert into free gift cards. When you want to redeem your points onto a gift card, search for Spotify on the gift card page of the app. Remember to fill out as many surveys as possible so you can earn more points and get rewarded with more money on your free Spotify gift card!

About Spotify

Spotify is the most popular music streaming service in the world. It was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2006 and since then has developed into one of the most successful music platforms globally. It is available in over 180 countries with a total of almost 500 million subscribers. Spotify has so many loyal customers because of its amazing features: audio analysis of tracks, personalized recommendations, in-depth metadata of any track, artist, or album, as well as personal taste. Spotify offers a huge and diverse library with over 100 million songs, podcasts, and videos to its subscribers so that there is something for everyone. It is most admired for its personalized algorithms that give each subscriber a unique and special experience curated for them. Check out Spotify today and start listening to your favorite tracks and podcasts.


How do I use my Spotify gift card?

You will receive a virtual Spotify gift card with a code. To redeem your gift card you must log in to, enter the code into the appropriate field, then click the “redeem” button.

Why do I need a Spotify Premium subscription?

You need a Spotify subscription because the premium account offers high-quality streaming, you have access to way more features, have the option to download music onto your device, and have an ad-free experience with unlimited skips.

What can I buy with my Spotify gift card?

You can purchase a Spotify Premium subscription with a gift card. Gift cards only apply to full-price Premium subscriptions.

Where do I find my Spotify gift card code?

You can find your code in an email that was sent to you with your gift card.

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